How I got my perfect classic car at RM Auctions

Most classic car enthusiasts what are you that getting a good deal on a vintage car lease days is no small task. Fortunately, I have recently been able to pick up a bargain at RM Auctions which is perhaps my favourite classic car auctioned house of all. Over the years I’ve always attended auctions that This wonderful auction house, I have gone purely as a car enthusiasts rather than a buyer that last month I took the plunge and actually date on the car that I have been wanting to own for a very long time.

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The kind question was a vintage jaguar and I knew that I was going to have to be prepared to walk away from the auction if the price of the car started to get out of my range. Fortunately they were not a great number of collectors there on that day so I managed to pick up my dream jag well within budget. That being said a number of other cars went for much higher purchase prices and I would have anticipated.

Go to RM Auctions even if you’re not buying

My advice would be to attend RM Auctions even if you’re not actually buying a car, you can have a very enjoyable day out and see some of the best cars that the UK has to offer. It’s also fun to play guess the price, when looking at something like a classic Ferrari you can be very challenging to put an accurate price tag on them especially these days when people are looking to buy cars as investments rather than purely for driving.

On an average day are likely going to get around 200 other car enthusiasts attending the option, not everyone shows up at one time however as people already know which carsick on to be done. What tends to happen is people attend the auction when they know that they a lot is being sold, therefore if your dream car isn’t among some other more popular vehicles you may stand a good chance of getting a really good price.

Bonhams auctions leads the classic car industry

bonhams auctions

Anyone who regularly attends Bonahms auctions Will tell you that over the years it has become more and more popular. PVC places like Silverstone auctions would lead to the classic car world but Bonhams has really been pulling out all the stops to attract more more car enthusiasts today wonderful events. Price giveaways and other common material of regular features of these all day events, and they certainly are very family friendly place to attend.

Car auction houses are increasingly advertising in more more high-profile places which is raising awareness of the fact that people can get cars cars at a fraction of the price very often. These auctions are also its form of spectators sport, with many people attending whenever actually intend to purchase a car.

Tips for people attending Bonhams auctions

There are a number of general tips that I often offer to people who asked me about attending one of these classic car event. If you’re looking to bid at Bonahms auctions an option I would take is to show restraint and set yourself a budget beforehand. It’s always best to look at the finer details of the vehicle to, you need to look at whether the interior for example the leather seats have been taken care of or whether they show signs of neglect. Small details such as these can often be indicative of the cars overall performance and state and can often serve as a warning sign.

That being said if they are obvious defects in the car it will often bring down the price, if these are purely superficial you may find yourself bidding in an option that allows you to get an expensive car relatively cheaply simply because there are a number of faults with them.